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Private Client Service

Welcome to our Private Client service. This offering is designed for our exclusive real estate clientele who require a high level of sophistication in the sale and acquisition of luxury real estate properties. Please reach out to us if you require:

  1. A need for confidentiality – common for our “public figure” clients, and/or
  2. Are looking to make a combined real estate sale/purchase of at least $5,000,000

In order to achieve optimal results, we ask that every prospective private client meet us in person so we can assess your specific needs. If we are in agreement, you will immediately obtain access to the highest of service levels in the real estate industry.

Due to the highly customized approach it is not feasible to list all the service advantages. However, if you’re unaware of some of the additional advantages of our service, some examples may include:

  • Private limousine for all local showings.
  • Spa/Club days during the sale process.
  • Tickets to sporting events, concerts, etc.
  • Paid airfare for select clients.

To request Private Client status, please use the below form or call us at 647.401.4443.

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