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Showing Time

Now that your property is officially for sale it is time to prepare for all the pending showings. As your real estate agent, we have prepared you on how to best present your property to prospective buyers. Keeping your home in “show quality” all the time can be challenging for some, especially those of you with young children. However, it is imperative that you do your best – not showing well can result in you losing out on thousands of dollars on the sale value.

The vast majority of showings typically take place within the first two weeks upon going live on the MLS system. This is a very critical time for your listing. For the first few showings, we, as your realtor, will contact the various buyer agents to obtain any feedback they may have. We will then report back to you all the positive and negative comments. Note: we do not endlessly ask for feedback – it becomes redundant.

During the time in which your property is for sale, we will be advertising your home deep into the market – 24/7. At The Graham Partners, we believe heavily in the power of technology and online marketing. The days of print media, newspaper ads, etc are dead. As such, all of our advertising funds for our listings go into online marketing. It has shown to have the highest and most consistent rate of return, therefore, it is our go to approach.

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Step 3: Showing Time

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