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“Dustin is someone who is extremely professional. Someone who wouldn’t push you at all for making any decisions. I have interacted with other agents as well but Dustin stands out among all of them. He is someone who would personally find flaws in the places and make sure that you are aware of positives as well as negatives and wouldn’t just try to close the deal in a hurry.

Very prompt in scheduling the viewings. He has an excellent way to keep a track of the places that we visit via printouts.
The process of submitting an offer Is very tedious but he makes sure that he goes through all the pages of the agreement even if that means taking half n hour each and every time. He will make sure that you understand every bit of it and he will double-check everything.

He is extremely knowledgeable and knows what he is talking about. You definitely need a good agent and he is my go-to man for sure for any future requirements.

Thank you, Dustin.”