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Our approach to buying

Buying a home is an intricate process.

We’ve helped and witnessed hundreds of homebuyers, and here’s the best approach: 

Choosing a REALTOR®

There are many real estate agents out there, but we are not all equal. When choosing an agent to work with, you want an understanding of what is important to you. Do you value responsiveness? Would you prefer a local expert? How do you determine if you can trust them? Asking yourself these questions when evaluating an agent will help you identify the best fit for you.  

Understanding Your Needs & Wants

Have you created a list of your needs and wants? Do you know your ideal location(s)? What features of a home are most important to you? Searching for a new home is a process of elimination. We often find our buyers start with a slighter wider set of criteria. As our work together progresses, you will gain further clarity on the most important factors, and the search will become more focused. 

Review Current Market Conditions

While real estate information on the internet is becoming more widespread, there is much to be gained by our experience. It’s like self-diagnosing a medical condition. We can search and find possible explanations, but a doctor will always be more equipped to support you. From the onset, we provide market information and advice, which will lead to a smoother and more enjoyable process. 

Mortgage Pre-Approval & Purchasing Costs

Being a responsible buyer will mitigate any risks with purchasing a property. When you are ready to make a purchase, it is important to obtain mortgage pre-approval from a reputable lender. This will provide you with confidence in your purchasing power and streamline any financing condition within an agreement. Other costs to consider include land transfer tax, lawyer fees, inspection fees, movers, utilities, property taxes, and condo fees. 

Establishing Search Parameters

Now that you have an understanding of your needs and financing requirements, we can set the search parameters. Examples of common parameters include budget, location, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, housing style, lot size, basement finishing, school district, property upgrades, and square footage.

Hit The Road - Home Hunting

Let the good times begin! The process of viewing homes should be fun, informative, and productive. While you will tend to focus on aesthetics, layout, and envisioning the future, we will be intently examining the home. We will never sell you a home. In fact, we often we spend more time informing you of potential issues. As an informed buyer, any purchase you make will be done with confidence. 

Offer Preparation & Negotiation

Once you have identified a property you would like to purchase, we will guide you through the entire offer process. Every home is different, therefore every offer will vary. Given our in-depth experience, we know what needs to be written into the agreement based on your unique needs and the property in question. Working collaboratively, we will set clear goals and identify the terms of an acceptable agreement. From there, our role is to negotiate the terms and obtain the best outcome for you. 

Satisfying Agreement Conditions

Most agreements of purchase and sale will include one or multiple conditions. A condition must be satisfied or waived to firm up the agreement. Failing which, the agreement becomes null and void. The most common conditions are home inspection, financing, and status certificate review (condos). There are endless amounts of other conditions that can utilized depending on the property. We will guide you through every condition from start-to-finish. 

Prepare For Closing

Once you have a firm purchase agreement, the closing process begins. We will provide you with a detailed list tasks, that you will be responsible for. If you do not have contacts for a lawyer, moving company, etc., we will be sure to provide you with referrals to trusted professionals. During this timeframe, you will likely have an opportunity to revisit the property. This is a great opportunity to prepare for moving in. 

Closing Day & Beyond

On the day of closing, your lawyer will manage the process, with our support if required. We pride ourselves on maintaining close relationships with our past clients. At any point, you will have access to us for any questions. You will also have access to preferred vendor discounts, market updates, invites to special event, and more!

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We strive to provide an unmatched experience for all of our clientele. We believe in building strong long-term relationships and achieving results. It all starts with our first conversation.

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