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A Successful home sale requires a careful balance of logic, strategic implementation, and constant manoeuvring.

By following our approach to selling a property, our clients have achieved outstanding results!

Your Home & Needs

At the onset, we will discuss your needs. Are you more focused on a faster sale, a higher net return, or a balanced approach? Do you need to sell or buy first? We want an understanding of that will make a successful sale for you. We will also perform a walk-through of your property and review related documents.  

Understanding The Market

We will present to you the latest information on your local market. Some details that will be covered include: recent sales activity, current competition, market trends, anticipated factors that could impact your sale, and buyer demographics. At this point, you will have a good understanding of your home value. The listing price will be finalized just before you go up for sale. 

Home Preparation

Staging is an important component of a successful sale. But, prior to staging your homes, there is often some preparation required. We will provide you with a room-by-room detailed report on how you can start preparing your home. For many people this is a simple decluttering process, but in some cases, we may have more specific recommendations. 

Whole Home Staging

The effective staging of your home can increase the profitability of your sale and result in less time on the market. Buyers are attracted to properties that reflect their ideal concept of a home. We have over 500 square feet of storage space for our staging supplies – ranging from wall art, decor, area rugs, lamps, curtains, pillows, and select furniture. If necessary, we will purchase new items specifically for your home.  

Professional Photography & Video

Research shows that over 90% of first-impressions are formed online. Property pictures are one of the first elements of a listing that buyers focus on. High-quality photos can increase engagement and attract buyers to your property. Our listings also include professional video tours, and where feasible, drone photography/video.  

Set The Price

For a second time, we review changes in the market, most recent sales, and current competition. Various pricing strategies will be discusses – some methods are more effective in certain markets. We will provide you with our recommendations so that you can make an informed decision.     

Marketing To Buyers & Agents

Ensuring that your home is advertised and marketed in the most impactful manner is a core foundation of our approach to selling your home. Today, online marketing is the primary method to attract qualified buyers, with a few exceptions. Our marketing and advertising services are extensive. By utilizing compelling narrative and online platforms, we are able to reach thousands of buyers and agents throughout the sale process. Professionally designed brochures and print material will also be available to interested buyers. 

Feedback & Adjustments

Throughout the sale process, you will receive regular updates on buyer/agent showing activity, buyer/agent feedback, and necessary market updates. If required, we will suggest any adjustments to your home listing that may positively impact the sale. 

Offer Received - Time To Negotiate

You will be immediately notified of any offers that are submitted on your property. We will negotiate the best possible terms for you and provide advice on a go-forward approach. You will be guided through any conditions and all aspects of the transaction.  

Closing Preparation

Once your deal is firm, we will guide you through the closing process. Some examples include utility management, lawyer meetings, referrals to trusted service providers, guidance on contractual obligations, moving logistics, etc. 

Moving & Ongoing Support

The final chapter in your home sale! We pride ourselves on maintaining a strong relationship with our past clients. You have access to us for life! As a client of ours, you will have the option to receive invites to special events, personal housing updates, access to preferred vendors/suppliers and discounts, and much more! 


Selling your home? With HomeVALUE you will receive an estimate of the current market value of your home and access to weekly sold data within your neighbourhood. An informed seller always has an advantage!

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