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RE/MAX Housing Outlook for 2020

RE/MAX 2020 Housing Outlook

The RE/MAX Canadian housing market outlook for 2020 has been released. The projected forecast for 2020 is an average of 5-6% in housing appreciation across all residential real estate market segments within the GTA. Some notable points:

– Milton, Oakville, and Mississauga are likely to experience a 5% increase in home values.

– Toronto is positioned for a 6% increase.

– Interestingly, we may see the largest gains in Niagara, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Windsor regions – which are projected to experience a 7-9% increase. 

– Burlington/Hamilton had a decent 2019, but may see a slight slowdown in 2020. 


REM/MAX Housing Report Statistics

For more information you can view the full RE/MAX Housing Report.