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Referral Connection Program

Not all REALTORS® are made equal. When looking to acquire or dispose of residential or commercial property it is paramount that you locate, interview and select the most suitable real estate agent for your needs. This is where we can help – as part of the Referral Connection Program we are here to find the best real estate agent for you, at no cost to you*.

There are a host of websites on the market designed for consumers to search property and be “introduced” to REALTORS® in the market. The problem is there is no vetting process taking place, and as a consumer you’ll have no real means to evaluate individual REALTORS®. Furthermore, many of those websites allow agents to promote themselves through paid ads, further convoluting the evaluation process. Our Referral Connection Program is not promoted to REALTORS® – we are here to further the goals of the public, not the experts who support them.

Whether you’re looking to move in the GTA, across the country to B.C or purchase a winter property in Florida, we can help you. When you engage with us, the process will unfold as such:

  1. Initial discovery conversation to determine your overall needs – e.g. property features, location, “personality” fit requirements for supporting Realtor, etc.
  2. Research and evaluation of REALTORS® in your preferred location(s).
  3. A report delivered to you outlining the top 3 Realtors identified.
  4. A personal introduction to the chosen REALTOR®.
  5. Facilitation of the connection.
  6. Ongoing support

Our Realtor evaluation is comprehensive. Our analysis will evaluate a REALTOR® based on:

  1. General experience in the given market.
  2. Personal marketing approach – web presence, technology leveraged, style, etc.
  3. Listing marketing approach.
  4. Access to applicable market data.
  5. Current workload capacity.
  6. Team dynamics, if applicable.
  7. “Personality/Style” fit with prospect clients.

Ready for an introduction? Contact us today to learn more and take the guessing game out of the buying/selling process.

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*Every referral is subject to a 25-50% referral fee, paid out by the receiving agents’ commission.